There are benefits to working with PREF. We like to call them PREF Perks!


Purchasing: Investigators enjoy working  with PREF because of the low overhead, flexibility and quick response time-- especially when it comes to purchasing.

  1. Purchases are often made within 2 days of request.
  2. Payments are usually made within 5 days of receipt.
  3. Reimbursement checks for $1,000 or less can be issued the same day!
  4. Subject payments are mailed within 5 days of receipt.

Low Overhead: Administrative overhead begins at 10% for education grants and 25% for industry and federal awards. Lower overhead allows investigators to devote more funds to research.


Hiring Made Easy: PREF meets your staffing needs through Joint Personnel Agreements (JPA) with the University of Pennsylvania, Inter Personnel Agreements (IPAs) with the VA or direct hiring.

Emergency Personnel: Need help with the IRB submission? Need a Research Coordinator to fill in until you can hire a new one? Our Research Coordinator is at your service.

One Stop Shopping:  We take the guesswork out of where to go. From application to post-award, your support will come from the same office.

Donor Friendly: PREF can accept personal and corporate donations. Learn more here.

Vera Dollars: PREF managed studies are weighted at 100% for VERA allocation! Veterans Equitable Resource Allocation, or VERA, serves as the basis for allocating the congressionally appropriated medical care budget of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) to its regional networks.  It is indirect funding transferred to the Medical Center as part of the Medical Care Appropriation.